My Calvins

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Shot by the amazing Amy Gumble

Yes, I have bought into the trend. But more than the incredibly soft cotton, what drew me to #myCalvins was the fact that it’s one of my favourite marketing campaigns. I know, who has favourites among marketing campaigns? Well a marketing aficionado that’s who. I’ve always been interested in clothes and fashion. Not content with simply playing dress up, I’d wait till my mum would travel to explore her extensive heel collection, imagining all the events I’d wear the shoes to. But my interest in fashion and fashion marketing peaked in 9th grade when I couldn’t get enough of the beautiful ads I saw in the Seventeen magazines I’d borrow from the school library. Oh how I marveled at Vanessa and Angela Simmons’ Pastry shoes. Their ads occupied prime real estate on my bedroom walls.

So we get back to the #myCalvins campaign. Aside from the fact that it allows us, the consumers, to free our inner narcissist, this campaign has all the hallmarks of a successful one: a catchy slogan (or, in this era of social media advertising, a catchy hashtag), engagement with the customer – see the My Calvins page on the CK website, and a slew of gorgeous famous faces to front the campaign – see Kendall Jenner’s Insta. But beyond that, the Calvin Klein Underwear brand represents a strategy that I admire so much amongst designer brands. With these diffusion brands, they give the not-so-wealthy consumer (ie. me) the impression that we’re buying into the brand, that for £28 I can buy a piece of the exclusive Calvin Klein experience. And it works so well. I walked out of that shop in Covent Garden feeling as giddy as if I’d eaten a whole bag of marshmallows. So hats off to you, CK marketing team.

Marie x

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  1. Michèle 28/07/2015

    such a cool outfit. love it from head to toe. you simply rock it

    • Marie-Michelle 09/08/2015

      Hey Michele 🙂 we have the same name! Thanks for your sweet comments. I LOVE your blog. Your layout is so clean and I love the ‘Back to Boho’ post. Where are the tan shoes from? They’re gorge.


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